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Wire, Rope & Chain Lubricant Premium

Wire, Rope & Chain Lubricant Premium

A premium quality professional lubricant penetrating between wire ropes and strands. Possesses high fluid film strength and carries the lubricant into the core and surface of wire rope and chain to prevent deterioration of rust and corrosion. Provides a layer of coating to seal and protect the outer surface of wire rope and reduce wearing and fretting corrosion.

  • Rapid penetration to the rope core
  • Prevents rusting of inner strands
  • Lubricates and reduces surface tension
  • Lessens resistance when surfaces slide over one another
  • Enables strands to move freely by reducing friction


Product Code:
MK2107 – 400g
MK1636 – 1L
MK1643 – 5L
MK1650 – 25L