Surface Treatment Professional

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Stain Clear

Scientifically developed to remove rusts, stains, oxides and scales build up from hard surfaces.


A viscous and cling on formulation designed to removes surface rust, stains and tarnish from large, hard-to-move metal structures and equipment.

ION Cream

Designed with a revolutionary formula contains powerful ingredients with effective cleaning and polishing ability.

Stainless Alpha

Non-abrasive formulation to clean, polish, protect and enhance the appearance of stainless steel and metal surfaces.

Surface Alpha

Eliminates dirt, dust, pesky handprints, grease and grime for all non-porous surfaces leaving them smooth and lustrous.

Ceramic & Tile Master

Rapidly breaks down and removes tough stains, rusts, deposits and scales on ceramic tiles.

Cement Remover

Formulated to deal with dry cement, lime scale residues and stubborn dirt.


Specifically formulated for easy removal of barnacles, calcium, rust, lime and other mineral deposits adhering to the submerged surfaces, propellers or hull of ship.