Cultivating Truthful Partnership To Serve Our Markets Best

Vimasol - A Brand By Nextek International

At Nextek International, we develop a range of safe, quality and efficacious products and provide solutions to industry’s toughest challenges. Our products are tested and validated consistently in meeting the critical standards for their intended use.

Our Mission

We aim to understand the market we serve and help our customers to improve productivity and profitability. We strive for excellence and continuously enhance our reputation for professionalism, performance, and the depth and quality of our long-term customer relationships.

Quality Assurance

In ensuring the quality of our products, a sophisticated quality assurance system was established. We manage system control through formalized ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and continuously monitor the compliance of applicable specifications by conducting product tests with independent laboratories.

User & Environmental Friendly

Our products are environmentally and user friendly. Most of the ingredients used are readily biodegradable, leaving no active residues. We take the responsibility to promote continual improvement in terms of sustainability through environmental management system. Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize the risk of pollution and reduction in the environmental impact.

Truthful Partnership

The Company is lead today by a professional and experienced team that have obtained the confidence and trust of a very well established network of customers all across the region. We will continue to strive by providing superior performance and high quality products and services to the customers and industries we serve.