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Clear Coating

A high performance anti-corrosive and rust preventive coating that offer superior resistance.

Clear Coating Light

An excellent penetrating thin-film coating. Have great bonding characteristics useful for a variety of metal substrates.

Porous Coating Alpha - Premium

A high quality invisible penetrating sealer that creates a stronger and more protective seal on porous surfaces.

Porous Coating Beta - Regular

A protective coating formulated to provide a long-term residual protection against the damaging effects of weather, excessive moisture, mould growth and dusting.

BTM Corrosion Protector Alpha - Premium

Provides high resistance coating to corrosion and moisture.

BTM Corrosion Protector Beta - Regular

An anti-corrosion and moisture repellent coating on metal surfaces.

Rust Converter

A water-based solution that reacts chemically and converts rust into a dark-coloured stable protective adherent coating.

Coating Remover

Designed to remove coating and other finishes as well as to clean the underlying surface.