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Solvex 65kV

Solvex 65kV

A heavy duty electrical degreaser formulated with unique high-grade oil distillate. Provides high dielectric strength of 65,000 volts and penetrates instantly to remove grease, dirt, contaminants and heavy soiled leaving no residue on most equipment surfaces. Helps to increase the lifespan of electrical components and prevent costly downtime.

  • Non-flammable, non-fuming and non-conductive
  • Extends equipment life span and reduce downtime
  • Low toxicity and reduces fire hazards
  • No flash point and non-corrosive


Product Code:
EK2121 – 400g
EK1124 – 1L
EK1995 – 5L
EK2008 – 25L
EK1735 – 200L