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Water Treatment Professional

Water Treatment Conditioner

Prevents common water treatment issues of rust formation, corrosion, scale and fouling.

Cooling Tower Descaler

Designed for descaling tower build up, mud and other non-soluble deposits safely and effectively.

Corrosion & Scale Guard

Controls and reduces the scale, corrosion and rust formation by conditioning the water.

Tube Descaler

Dissolves water scale, calcium deposits, lime scale, oil and other build up from heat exchangers tubes, evaporative coolers, boiler tubes and etc.

Powder Descaler

Formulated to remove calcium carbonate deposits in cooling systems, heat exchangers, water boilers and other water processing installations.


Scientifically formulated to eliminate and prevent excessive foam generation.

PH Plus +

Elevate pH level effectively and slow down the rapid dissipation of chlorine cause by acidic water.

PH Minus -

Reduce alkalinity and stabilize water pH within the recommended boundaries.


Effective in controlling and reducing microbiological bacteria, algae and legionella disease in recirculating water systems.

Chill Care

Reduces and prevents scale, sludge, deposition, rust or corrosion.

Boiler Conditioner

Treat the condition of water and counteract harmful substances in boiler water system.

Algae Care

Algae Dose

An effective solution to eliminate algae and slime formation.

Algae Doctor

Formulated to treat, control and prevent a broad spectrum of algae and slime deposits.

Algae GO

Fast acting highly concentrated product that effectively removes algae and slim growth on hard surfaces.

Algae Bio

Use against a wide array of common water borne organisms and microbiological fouling.