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Kitchen, Floor & Washroom Care

Food Grade Descaler

To descale and remove lime scales, hard water residue, rusts and stains.

Kitchen Fresh

Bleach-free and effectively removes dirt, oil, grime and grease from various kitchen areas.

Grease & Oil Cutter

Heavy duty cleaner for commercial and institutional kitchens.

Oven Fresh

Heavy duty oven cleaner for professional use on ovens, grills, hoods and vents.

Floor Clinic

To clean, shine and restore multiple floor surfaces.

Carpet Clinic

Concentrated foaming liquid carpet solution. Ideal for routine carpet maintenance and cleaning.

Toilet Fresh

Deep cleaning action effectively cleans and deodorizes toilet bowls and urinals.

Surface Treatment Professional

ION Cream

Designed with a revolutionary formula contains powerful ingredients with effective cleaning and polishing ability.

Stainless Alpha

Non-abrasive formulation to clean, polish, protect and enhance the appearance of stainless steel and metal surfaces.

Surface Alpha

Eliminates dirt, dust, pesky handprints, grease and grime for all non-porous surfaces leaving them smooth and lustrous.

Ceramic & Tile Master

Rapidly breaks down and removes tough stains, rusts, deposits and scales on ceramic tiles.

Air Care

Coil Fix Ace

Cleans the condenser coils by dissolving encrusted deposits and oxide layers.

Coil Fix Pro

Highly concentrated coil cleaner capable of removing accumulated grease, dirt, grime and deposits that causes system inefficiency.


A professional strength HVAC coil cleaner.

Air Free

Designed to clear the clogging of air-con drain pipe.

SaniFresh Aircon Cleaner

Effective air-con cleaner to clean, sanitize and refresh the air-conditioning system.